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Andrean Hendranata,

Andrean Hendranata (born June, 3) is a International Magician from Indonesia, musician, owner magician society, actor, creator, and director magic. In 2004 he was discovered in a talent contest where he displayed his act magic and original created trick skills. Over the next two years, he was hired to compose for popular Youngest Illusionist specially private event. Although he was trained in classical magic, hendranata combines Classical and brand new illusion styles to produce trick that fuse street magic, impromptu and spontanious, packaging issues such as Illusionist specialist Animation magic.

and brings a slightly exotic flavor magician Xtreme Mysterious Magician. This Indonesia young Illusionist has starred in three of his own on The Big event show; Faber castel product mutual UNICEF in Bogor city - Indonesia, Top Magazine Indonesia ,& Event on PLAYBOY MAGAZINE INDONESIA, SHAPE & FOURFOURTWO MAGAZINE. and has beaten international competitors Young Illusionist Asia. and but as we look up and down the busy Harajuku street corner, the performer is nowhere in sight. And then, suddenly, heas right there in front of us, wearing a black cap and sunglasses and offering his hand in greeting. Andrean has appeared just as he shouldaas if by magic.

Andrean's unique style continues to inspire created magician worldwide and set trends in traditional trickery. If a specialist a Animation Illusion magician on the street & close up front your eyes....
In our modern technological world we encounter special effects and visual tricks in the media daily. What remains timeless is the sense of awe one experiences when presented face-to-face with phenomena that defy the laws of nature. The magic of Andrean inspires this awe.
Andrean has many new exciting projects up his sleeves ? the best is yet to come!
With his passion and special talent in magic, Andrean pure learning magics autodidact in his 9 years old. By his hard work, talent, and unique performance, Andrean is now becoming one of the greatest Young professional illusionists in Indonesia.

However, and now Andrean still study on Indonesia.
He is one of the founding members of Xtreme Mysterious Magician (XMM), and is still to this date, an active moderator and events organizer for the forum. and the only Head Magician on Andrean Hendranata Magic Forum.

Her first few experiences with various magic created in indonesia.

Andrean went on to join magic community Indonesia, while still organizing and sponsoring events for Indonesia Magic, eventually before joining Inspiration Centre - Srikandi internusa Management and now Andrean join "A.Magic Management" , headed by South East Asia's most successful illusionist..!

As " It's not just a magic, It's 'A' magic " Andrean, He is currently Indonesian's only professional Youngest magician, doing both close up and street magic, And now Andrean to created brand new Animation Illusion for a next spectaculer show!


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